Say Goodbye to Pesky Fine Lines and Wrinkles in Seaport and Surrounding Boston Areas

What is Botox?

We are often asked: what exactly is botox? Well, Botox is a neurotoxin injectable that works to paralyze the muscle that it is injected into. We know, it sounds a little scary, but we promise, it’s not! Botox is used to treat a ton of different things, going beyond just pesky fine lines and wrinkles! It can be used to relieve pain from facial tension, migraine headaches, and TMJ symptoms. With our expert nurse, Hillary McNamara, or the one and only Dr. Timothy Osborn, administering your botox, you will be on your way to beautiful skin in no time! Want to know the best part? There is absolutely zero downtime after treatment!

Why are Botox Treatments Done?

There are a myriad of reasons why people choose to get Botox. The most common is to get rid of (or prevent) fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, but there are many non-cosmetic uses for Botox as well. For example, it has been shown to help significantly reduce pain caused by migraine headaches, facial tension, and TMJ.

Getting Botox

The process of getting botox for your first time can be a little scary, but don’t worry! That’s why we are here! Below, you will find the steps of getting botox, so you won’t have to guess what comes next!

Schedule Your Consultation

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Timothy Osborn or our expert nurse, Hillary, will discuss your main concerns with you. They will then devise a one of a kind treatment plan for you, and you alone!

Get Botox

Step 2 is simple: get your Botox treatment! Either Dr. Timothy Osborn or Hillary will carefully and precisely administer Botox to your problem area(s). We promise, you won’t even feel a thing!

Live Your Life

The final step? Go about your every day life! With botox, there is no downtime so you can go to that bar you’ve been wanting to check out or go on that dinner date right away. You will start seeing results immediately.
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Surgery FAQ

Dr. Tim answers your questions regarding having procedures in our office! How long will it take for me to get back to regular life after my procedure? How long will I be swollen? Listen in!

Contact Us to Schedule Your Consultation

Choose which type of consultation is best for you - in-office or virtual. We will be happy to discuss your concerns with you, answer any questions, and recommend a personalized treatment plan just for you.