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What Is a Chemical Peel?

We are often asked “what is a chemical peel?”. Well, we are here to tell you! When you receive a chemical peel, we are essentially applying chemicals to your face that make it “blister” and then later peel off. We know, we know… it sounds like a lot of things. Scary, painful, dangerous… the list goes on. However, we promise, it’s none of those things! Getting a chemical peel takes less than 20 minutes and results in glowing, radiant skin. It is recommended that you wear a high SPF sunscreen and stay out of direct sunlight after you receive a peel to prevent sun damage. 

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Why Should I Get a Chemical Peel?

There are several reasons why you might want to get a chemical peel. Chemical peels help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and near your eyes and mouth. Chemical peels also help reduce the look of mild scars, can help treat certain types of acne, and can improve the overall look and feel of your skin! There are three different levels of chemical peels, so you can choose your desired outcome!

What Should I Expect?

The procedure of getting a chemical peel is a relatively quick one- typically taking under 20 minutes! Under 20 minutes to have baby soft, glowing, radiant new skin? We’ll take it! Totally painless, except for the potential of a little stinging when the solution is applied, you will be on your way to having the beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of in no time.


Your facialist will first gently wash and cleanse your skin, prepping it for the application of the peel solution. It is recommended that you come in wearing no makeup, but if you happen to have some on, no worries! We can take it off for you.


Next comes the application! Your facialist will do one or more passes of the acidic solution that causes the skin to “peel”. After the application(s) of the solution, your facialist will then apply a generous amount of sunscreen to protect you from sun damage.

Live Your Life

In the first few days, you will likely not see a change. Depending on the level of your chemical peel, you will start seeing your skin scale and peel around day 5 or 6, and can continue to peel until 14 days after treatment. Then, you will see beautiful, radiant skin!

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