Gender Affirmation for Patients in Seaport and Surrounding Boston Areas

What is Gender Affirmation Treatment?

Gender Affirmation hormone therapy is medicine that is prescribed in order to help a person achieve their gender identity. It is the most common choice for transgender individuals wanting to change their overall physical appearance.

What Types of Gender Surgeries are there?

Under the expertise of Seaport Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tim Osborn, gender affirmation therapy patients achieve amazing results that forever change their self-confidence. Surgeries include:

Facial Feminization

Reconstructive surgery that alters the shape and size of facial features to make them appear more feminine.

Facial Masculinization

Reconstructive surgery that alters the shape and size of facial features to make them appear more masculine.

Feminizing Vaginoplasty

Procedure that alters the structure of the genitals to create a vagina using penile or colon tissue.

Hysterectomy w/ Bilateral Salpingo

Surgery that removes the uterus, cervix, ovaries, fallopian tubes and other surrounding structures.

Masculinizing Chest Surgery

Where breast tissue is removed and the nipples and areolae are altered to help the chest appear more masculine.

Masculinizing Phalloplasty/Scrotoplasty

Reconstructive surgery that creates a penis using a free flap or pedicled flap of skin.


The use of local tissue in order to create an enlargement to the penile area.


Reconstructive surgery that removes the testicles.

Reduction Thyrochondroplasty

Reconstructive surgery that reduces the size of the thyroid cartilage (‘Adam’s Apple’).

Revision Vaginoplasty

Secondary procedure that allows revisions to the urethra, neovaginal canal, labia minora and majora addressing asymmetries within the vagina.


Reconstructive surgery to remove all parts of the vagina.
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Surgery FAQ

Dr. Tim answers your questions regarding having procedures in our office! How long will it take for me to get back to regular life after my procedure? How long will I be swollen? Listen in!

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