Orthodontic Treatment

Your Smile

Choose between Invisalign clear aligners or other orthodontic options in our state-of-the-art, family owned orthodontic practice in Seaport. Dr. Ella Osborn is a board certified orthodontist that will customize the perfect treatment plan to achieve the gorgeous smile of your dreams. Customize your experience by choosing virtual consultations or come see us in the office … it is your choice and we will see you soon!

One size does not fit all when it comes to orthodontic treatment. As a Board Certified Orthodontist with extensive experience and advanced expertise, Dr. Ella Osborn can create a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you.

A Beautiful Smile

We believe a smile unlocks the door to your best you. A beautifully straight smile increases self-esteem, confidence, and overall appearance.

Dr. Ella Osborn - Seaport Smiles

Lifelong Oral Health

Orthodontically corrected teeth lead to better lifelong oral health. Easier to clean and less prone to chipping and decay, properly aligned teeth also reduce the chance of gingivitis and gum disease.


We offer the option of achieving beautifully straight teeth without braces by using a series of removable, and comfortable aligners.

Clear and Metal Traditional Braces

Conventional orthodontic treatment involving standard braces (clear or metal) offers the most comprehensive approach to treating more complex issues ranging from crooked teeth to jaw and bite concerns. With Dr. Ella Osborn as your orthodontist, you will love your time in braces and the results that are achieved! Schedule your complimentary consultation to learn why you should get traditional clear or metal braces at Seaport Smiles!  

Propel Accelerated Orthodontics

If you’re interested in achieving a straight smile in half the time, accelerated orthodontics may be for you. This minimally-invasive treatment using state of the art technology to perforate tissue and bone for more rapid tooth movement has proven to be safe, effective, and quicker than traditional orthodontic approaches.

Contact Us For a Complimentary Consultation

Choose which type of consultation is best for you - in-office or virtual. We will be happy to discuss your concerns with you, answer any questions, and recommend a personalized treatment plan just for you.