Patient Advice

We love your questions. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about your treatment or recovery. Below are some helpful guidelines for both Orthodontic and Surgical treatment for you to have a great experience.


01. Getting Started

When inserting aligners, begin with your front teeth When removing your aligners, begin with your back teeth Wear aligners at least 21 hours a day Use chewies for 10 mins a day to get the maximum effect from your aligners Remove aligners to eat and brush Only remove aligners for 2-3 hours a day

02. Cleaning

Brush aligners when you brush your teeth Clean aligners with a retainer cleaner (Retainer Brite, Efferdent or the Invisalign Cleaning Crystals) Use clear mouthwash while wearing aligners to freshen your breath (we recommend TheraBreath)

03. Eating & Drinking

Remove aligners to eat and drink Only drink clear liquids while wearing aligners Dark liquids like red wine, coffee, and soda may stain the aligners (if you must, use a straw)

04. Tips

When not wearing aligners, store them in their case Use only Tylenol for discomfort (NSAIDS/Motrin/Aleve/Advil slow tooth movement) Never place aligners in boiling water Keep aligners away from pets Never wrap aligners in a napkin (they may get thrown away) When finished with a set, clean and store them in their original pouch (never throw away used aligners)

05. Oops!

If you lose your aligners, wear the previous set unless instructed otherwise by the orthodontist Don’t panic if you have bonded attachments & one falls off (we’re here for you) In case of any problems, notify us as soon as possible so we can help


Whether you want surgery or treatment for cosmetic, reconstructive, pain issues, or health reasons, Dr. Timothy Osborn’s multi-disciplinary approach can help you achieve the results you desire.
The best way to determine if surgery or treatment is right for you is to contact us for a consultation with Dr. Timothy Osborn. As both a medical doctor and a dentist, Dr. Osborn and his team are uniquely qualified to provide surgeries that other practitioners may be unable to perform.
Every person is unique and every treatment is personalized. While some treatments may be less than an hour, those involving more extensive surgical procedures will require more time. Dr. Osborn will be happy to answer any questions you have about treatment duration during your consultation.
The cost of each surgery and treatment is dependent upon the specific situation. Prior to deciding to pursue treatment, we will ensure you are aware of all related fees and relevant insurance coverage. We also offer financing and convenient payment options.
At your consultation, Dr. Osborn will provide you with a framework for treatment time and recovery time. We will work with you to find the best day for your procedure.
Your medical history and current condition may preclude you from certain surgical treatments. However, as a highly-trained specialist, Dr. Osborn will be able to more fully answer this question following a thorough assessment.
There is no age limit to perform elective cosmetic surgery. However, Dr. Osborn requires parental consent for patients under 18 to perform any recommended treatment.
There are risks associated with all surgical procedures involving anesthesia. However, we have a highly qualified and experienced team with a proven track record of successful treatment.

Post-Op Tips

01. Rest

Plan to rest the entire day. You may drowsy, so feel free to sleep. Avoid strenuous activities. Don’t lift anything and keep your head propped up to minimize swelling.

2. Follow instructions

We will provide you with detailed post-op instructions. Please do not ignore these instructions. Plan to have a friend or family member available to help ensure you keep up with your surgeon’s guidance.

3. Keep cool

You make experience swelling. Relax, it’s normal.  For the first 24 hours, apply ice for 15 minutes, remove it for 15 minutes, and repeat the process. If swelling gets worse or you have a fever, please call us right away.

4. Choose helpful foods

We recommend a liquid or soft food diet for the few days after surgery. Soups, yogurts, fruit milkshakes, applesauce, smoothies and mashed potatoes are good choices. Refrain from foods that are too hot, cold, tough, chewy, or spicy. To promote healing, choose foods rich in vitamin A and C like eggs, fish, sweet potatoes and stewed carrots.

5. Take antibiotics

If we provide antibiotics, take them all as directed.

6. Keep Your Mouth Clean

After 24 hours, rinse gently with warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water) four times a day. Rinse after every time you eat.

7. Brush Carefully

Don’t brush in the surgical area until fully healed, but continue to brush and floss the rest of your mouth.

8. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol can slow the healing process.