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Your smile

Let us be real – your smile is the only accessory you cannot change up like a necklace. And the first one you and everyone else notices! Your smile is your confidence maker. And confidence is the key to your success. 

It is mental health

Loving your smile and flashing it confidently means you are happier. You will live longer. Be healthier. And be more successful. And that is not just us flexing our “Trust me, I’m a doctor” muscle. It is science. (Link to IG reel)  

Your jaws. Your sleep. Your health. Your quality of life. And your life expectancy! They are all related and it boils down to breathing through your nose when you sleep. Snoring is not normal and sleeping well, and waking up rested, has a lot more to do with your bite and smile than you ever knew. (Rhonda Silva testimonial). You deserve a good sleep and your loved one deserves the best version of you! 

A top tier pro (a boardcertified, Invisalign diamond plus orthodontist) is the best choice for your smile 

A top tier pro (a boardcertified, Invisalign diamond plus orthodontist) is the best choice for your smile 

Why? A provider who “does a lot of Invisalign” is not necessarily a specialist. To get the absolute best result, a board-certified specialist is necessary. You only get one set of forever teeth – trust them to a pro with a sterling reputation. Hear it from this patient, who turned to Dr. Ella and her team when he realized Invisalign is not the same with every doctor. (Daniel IG reel) 

Technology and AI.

Dr. Ella is usually on the bleeding edge of technology. She is an early adopter and proud of it. But she will be the first to tell you that technology is just another tool in the belt of a great provider. Computers and AI (artificial intelligence) are all that and a bag of chips, but they do not, and never will, replace the human brain, thinking, advanced training  years of experience and hundreds of patients thrilled with their results. 

Dr. Ella and her team
will tell you on day 1

That what is important to you is what is most important to Dr. Ella. But there are two more things that she is always thinking about. One, the long-term health and prognosis of your teeth – she wants to make sure that when you are a hip Betty White granny, you still have all your chompers. Nobody wants to be pulling their pocket to enjoy a savory meal

Word on the street.

Excerpts from Google reviews

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“I feel extremely lucky to be an Invisalign patient at Seaport Smiles. The facility is welcoming and modern and the entire staff goes above and beyond to make the entire treatment process streamlined and hassle-free. Dr. Ella is one of the most intelligent providers I have come in contact with. She is methodical in her approach to orthodontics and I feel certain that there are not a lot of other Invisalign providers out there like her. She is that talented! I feel fully confident in her abilities as a provider and I am so happy I went with Seaport Smiles for my Invisalign treatment! ”


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“Seaport Smiles is a wonderful place for orthodontics. I loved going there and seeing everyone. They became like family. Dr Ella Osborn is so knowledgable and experienced in her field but more importantly she valued my ideas and questions during the treatment. I wore Lighforce bracket aligners. She explained everything in detail and she continuously adjusted me wires to make sure all the details were covered and checked. She made my smile gorgeous. Thank you Seaport Smiles. You are the best! ”


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“ I worked with Dr. Ella for my Invisalign treatment and she is the absolute BEST! I was hesitant heading into the first week but she was so comforting and helpful, and it was also reassuring to see results pretty much immediately! My treatment also went much quicker than anticipated which is a huge plus! I am so happy I worked with Dr. Ella and even happier with my smile! ”



" And that vibe is fun, relaxing, hip modern laid back but energetic. Dr. Ella and her squad want to be THE best part of your day.
That is the vibe. "

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